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Children and Family Resource Services

Children and Family Resource Services & Health Linkages of Santa Barbara County

Who We Are: 
Children & Family Resource Services (CFRS), also known as Health Linkages, is a non-profit organization 501(c)(3) under the umbrella of the Santa Barbara County Education Office, connecting communities with health and wellness resources throughout Santa Barbara County. 

Our Mission: 
To provide high-quality, family-focused, strength-based services to build resilient communities throughout Santa Barbara County. 

What We Do: 
Our programs provide services to families and children living within the boundaries of Santa Barbara County. Services and linkages include but are not limited to: 

  • Community, student, parent, and teacher wellness education and family support 

  • Oral health screenings, education and resources including orthodontia treatment 

  • Screening and support for health, safety, and social needs of early childhood education and care programs. 

  • Medi-Cal enrollment and re-enrollment application assistance 

  • The integration and workforce development of health promotores also known as community health workers/promotores/representatives (CHW/P/Rs) into public and private agency outreach efforts and service delivery systems 

  • Coordination and funding support for the Santa Barbara County Promotores Network and many community partner agencies who value their expertise in community outreach and education on a growing number of topics each year  

Our Programs: 
Health Linkages Oral Health Program: Offers school-based health, dental and orthodontia screenings hand in hand with engaging health education and follow-up services with families that promote student and family health, identify areas of concern, and connect to health care delivery and other critical resources. Led by Program Manager Jennyffer Rivera, MPH. 

Future Smiles of Santa Barbara CountyEmpowering kids with a confident smile and a healthier, brighter future: Provides funding, coordination and supportive case management for full orthodontia treatment (including braces and retainers) for qualifying students at a number of schools who have severe orthodontia needs and no other way to afford the critical treatment that supports each student and family's health, well-being, and confidence that leads to greater long-term success, health and happiness overall. Led by Health Linkages Program Manager Jennyffer Rivera, MPH. 

Connecting to Coverage: Provides helpful application assistance connecting, enrolling and reenrolling students, families and community members to the best available resources and plans according to household income and other factors. Led by Health Linkages Program Manager Alexis Desales, MPH. 

Mental Health, Wellness & Education (MWEL) Program: Provides school-based coordination of mental health resources for students and families, in a collaboration between SBCEO leadership and Santa Barbara County Department of Behavioral Wellness (BWELL). Mental health professionals, Health Linkages navigators, and teams of dedicated staff from participating schools. Students and families receive trauma-informed assistance to navigate the complex process of accessing appropriate care for wellness. Our focus is on prevention and early intervention, education and reducing stigma and other barriers to receiving help for behavioral wellness issues.  Led by CFRS Executive Director MaryEllen Rehse, MSW and BWELL Program Director Christina Lombard, LMFT. 

Promotores Program and Santa Barbara County Promotores Network: Together provide a wide variety of culturally familiar and community-based work of the heart to deliver health promotion, education, coordination, advocacy and other critical work. Promotores are experienced and trained professionals and volunteers who act as the glue between health care agencies and organizations and the community they serve. Health Linkages Promotores Program is the glue between these two main health agents, often administering 20 different grant programs, each with a unique health and/or wellness focus. Led by Health Linkages Program Manager Namino Glantz, PhD and coordinated by Josefa Rios and Nancy Martinez, Community Health Worker/Promotores (CHW/Ps). 

Future Smiles

Future Smiles of Santa Barbara County

Empowering kids with a confident smile and a healthier, brighter future

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MaryEllen Rehse, MSW
Executive Director, Children and Family Resource Services
Phone: (805) 964-4710, ext. 4465
Fax: (805) 682-4643
Darnyl Dal Bon
Admin Assistant/General Contact
Phone: (805) 964-4710, ext. 4453
Fax: (805) 682-4643

Children and Family Resource Services/Health Linkages offices

North County 
402 Farnel Road, Suite J
Santa Maria, CA 93458
Phone: (805) 349-0445

South County
3970 La Colina Road, Suite 2 & 6
Santa Barbara, CA 93110
Phone: (805) 964-4710, ext. 4453
Fax: (805) 682-4643
Mid County
104 S. C Street, Suite H
Lompoc, CA 93436
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