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  • Welcome to the Santa Barbara County Education Office (SBCEO) website.  We are pleased to serve 20 school districts with nearly 70,000 students.  Browsing through our site, you will find a glimpse of the truly amazing work occurring in classrooms with dynamic, innovative and thoughtful teachers who are supported by visionary school and district leaders that care deeply for the success of all of our county’s students.

    SBCEO oversees over 200 programs that support high-quality education. We provide student services, professional development for educators and fiscal services for districts. We strive to provide service and leadership in support of outstanding education in Santa Barbara County. Our local partnerships, non-profits, and programs reflect a collective community belief in the value of public education.

    SBCEO is one of 58 county offices in California. County offices support local school districts by providing services that can be delivered more efficiently and economically at the county level. These include implementing new standards, staff development and training programs, and instructional procedures; designing business and personnel systems; and performing many other services to meet the changing needs of local school districts. County offices of education also provide a wide range of instructional programs, including special education, career and technical education, programs for youth at risk, and instruction in juvenile detention facilities. 

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