Partners in Education

Dedicated to Educational Excellence


By the Numbers

  • 12,384 computers distributed to families in need
  • 313,382 hours of service delivered
  • 120 sites impacted by our efforts
  • 668 disadvantaged youth got paid job readiness training and real work experience

Volunteer Opportunities

Why we are needed

  • Schools lack the bandwidth to consistently connect community resources and volunteers with their students, as well as to conduct the business services needed to maintain lasting relationships with these supporters. In an environment of limited resources and continual rapid change, Santa Barbara County schools face fierce demands, on top of being asked to address serious obstacles in student learning that often relate to home life. While educators and afterschool programs work to address the challenges each individual student faces, Partners takes the burden of coordinating community resources (internships, computers) and volunteer support, in ways that directly align with educational goals.


What's Happening


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2019-2020 Financial Overview

  • 2019-2020 Financial Overview Chart