• This grant is designed to develop instructional capacity through collaboration with peers from any school site. Instructional Strategy Team "Coaches" are selected to share an instructional strategy with their "Team." Teams meet three times to learn the Coach's strategy. Teachers wishing to learn one of the selected strategies must apply to be an Instructional Strategy "Team Member." Team Member applicants begin by reviewing the current year's selected Instructional Strategies, then apply to be on that team.

    Eligibility: Any Santa Barbara County, PreK-12 public school teacher, or non-management certificated employee, in any subject or specialization.

    Grant Award: Team Members- $500  –  Grant payment information can be found HERE.  

    The 2022-23 Instructional Strategies and Applications: Available October, 2022


    Examples of Previous Years' Selected Strategies:

     Instructional Strategy: Teaching With Progressions

    Instructional Strategy Team Coach: Karen Hamner, La Honda STEAM Academy, Lompoc Unified School District

    Description: Progressions came from Steve Ventura and are part of Teacher Clarity. It clarifies what needs to be taught explicitly to students by breaking down each standard into small pieces and aligning each piece with Depth of Knowledge activities.


    Instructional Strategy: Digital Interactive Notebooks

    Instructional Strategy Team Coach: Chris Ladwig, Cabrillo High School, Lompoc Unified School District

    Description: This strategy takes the popular Interactive Notebook and moves it into the digital realm, using Google Slides! The addition of digital tools & media help to meet the needs of all learners in all subjects, especially during the uniques challenges of distance learning.


    Instructional Strategy: Classroom Connection and Community

    Instructional Strategy Team Coach: Christine Lindblad, Peabody Charter School, Santa Barbara Unified School District

    Description: Whether classes are in person or online, students thrive when they feel a part of a community. My strategy focuses on using strategies from responsive classroom and collaborative STEM activities to connect students and engage critical thinking.


    Instructional Strategy: Creating Interactive Google Slides for Online Learning

    Instructional Strategy Team Coach: Melanie Thatcher, Miguelito School, Lompoc Unified School District

    Description: Creating Google sides that are iterative to promote student learning online. Learning to make slides that align with the curriculum and use strategies like fill in, matching, draw a response, and/or self checking. 


    Instructional Strategy: Family Strengthening Through Routines-Based Assessment

    Instructional Strategy Team Coach: Julia "Frances" Vasquez, SBCEO Preschool SDC on Taylor School, Santa Barbara County Education Office

    Description: Under current distance learning mandates teachers are unable to meet face to face with our students to address their social-emotional development, learning needs, and/or IEP goals. The Family Routines-Based assessment strategy strengthens families and communities through teach-family collaboration, to support our student's soccial-emotional growth using tools that have been shown to be culturally relevant, even among families with limited literacy skills.