Forty-five Day Budget Revision Requirement

  • The California state budget was signed by the governor on Monday, June 27, 2022, which means that Education Code Section 42127(i)(4) is now in effect. The code section reads as follows: 

    Not later than 45 days after the governor signs the annual Budget Act, the school district shall make available for public review any revisions in revenues and expenditures that it has made to its budget to reflect the funding made available by that Budget Act.

    This means that the district needs to update its budget and present the revisions to the board within 45 days. Forty-five days after the governor signed the budget will be Thursday, August 13. 

    While COLA did not change with the Enacted State Budget, items to consider updating may include any other local changes that materially impact the budget (i.e., staffing updates, collective bargaining agreements, etc.) 

    The Education Code section does not require that the budget be readopted. However, the most efficient manner in which to make these revisions available to the public for its review is to place them on a governing board meeting agenda as a discussion item to alert your board of any changes to the recently adopted budget. Please send your District Financial Advisor the documents you present to your board.


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