• Dual Language Immersion (DLI) Programs

    "Student success in an interconnected world, their college and and career readiness, and global citizenship, depend on learners' effective use of language and cross-cultural communication skills."

    California World Languages Content Standards
    California Department of Education (2019)

Program Goals and Benefits

  • A significant body of research has established many benefits for learning a second language. These benefits are cognitive, academic, economic, and social in nature and include:

        • Enhanced comprehension in the native language
        • Higher achievement in all subject areas
        • Ability to communicate in a variety of cultures and settings

    Dual Language Immersion Programs are developed and implemented around three goals. Students in programs are expected to achieve at high academic levels, be proficient in two or more languages, and to demonstrate sociocultural competency.   


  • Carlos Pagán, Ed.D.
    Director, Literacy & Language Support
    (805) 964-4711 x5436

    Melissa Garcia
    Coordinator, Language Education Services
    (805) 964-4711 x5219