Mentor Information

  • How are mentors selected?

    We are excited to have the support of over two hundred mentors from our area schools each year. We rely on our participating districts’ and schools’ HR departments to identify and select the appropriate mentors for their new teachers. If you are interested, you should contact your administration and share your interest in becoming a mentor.

    What are the qualifications?

    • Possession of a Clear Credential and a minimum of three years of effective teaching experience
    • Demonstrated commitment to professional learning, collaboration, and a positive attitude
    • Ability, willingness, and flexibility to meet candidate needs for support
    • Resourcefulness in meeting beginning teacher needs through support of inquiry and reflection
    • Student-centered approach to professional practice
    • Knowledge of the context and content area of the candidate’s teaching assignment
    • A willingness to develop a coaching mindset through participation in mentor trainings

    What are my responsibilities?

    • Develop a trusting and reflective partnership with your candidate honoring confidentiality
    • Support candidate(s) in their Individualized Learning Plan (ILP)
    • Observe your candidate at least once
    • Attend each Mentor Training (4 per year) which includes professional development in effective communication and coaching skills (Advance notice of all training dates, Zoom meetings, are provided)
    • Serve as a “broker of support” between a candidate and the community of resources available which includes a triad conversation between candidate, site administrator and mentor to discuss candidate’s ILP goals
    • Provide “just in-time” support – meet, record, and submit documentation of an average of no less than one hour per week of individual support/mentoring
    • Set and revisit professional mentoring goals applicable to candidate support
    • Participate in on-going program evaluation and provide feedback on the program’s effectiveness

    What are the benefits?

    • Professional training in mentoring, coaching and teacher leadership, as well as additional opportunities for professional learning, free-of-charge, through the SBCEO Teacher Induction Program (TIP) Professional Learning offerings through Curriculum and Instruction
    • Professional networking with other new and experienced teachers through TIP participation
    • Mentor stipend
    • Eligibility for 10 quarter units of continuing education through UCSB PaCE each year (UCSB unit fees are paid by each individual)


TIP Program Meeting