• Center on the Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning

  • History of CSEFEL Teaching Pyramid in Santa Barbara County
    In 2009, California was selected as a new 5-year research and pilot state for CSEFEL.   Local Early Childhood Educators, Directors, and Leaders attended one of several one-day "Essential CSEFEL" trainings, a basic overview of the model presented by Linda Brault and/or Sandi Walters from West Ed.

    January 2010 – June 2011  First 5 Santa Barbara County funded an Early Childhood Mental Health and Special Needs Initiative through June 2010. In January 2010, Sandy Fahey transitioned to a new position within ADMHS and was employed to lead the initiative, resulting in a salary savings.  It was requested and approved by the First 5 Commission to use the $14,000 salary savings to implement the Center for Social and Emotional Foundation for Early Learning (CSEFEL) model in Santa Barbara County.  It was also requested and approved that an Early Care and Education Division staff, Sharol Viker, Program Officer, oversee the implementation of the plan, facilitate the CSEFEL leadership team, and provide budget and implementation plan oversight through June 2011.

    March 2010, a small group of local ECE providers (Storyteller, IVYP, UCSB) invited a group of Local Early Childhood Educators, Directors, and Leaders to envision a system in which this framework was shared by the many early care providers, infant & preschool specialists in special education, family support services, early mental health experts, families, professional development trainers and teacher educators.  This included First Five-ECE Division, CALM, IVYP, Storyteller, SBCEO Special Ed & CATCH,  SB Child Care Planning Council,  Allan Hancock and Santa Barbara Community Colleges, ICAAT (Inclusive Child Care Action Team), SB County ADMH, an independent consultant with expertise in ECE/ Counseling and Social Emotional health, Children’s Resource and Referral, CAC Head Start, California Preschool Instructional Network, Santa Maria-Bonita School District, UCSB Early Childhood Care and Education Services and UCSB Division of Student Affairs.  This group became the founding CSEFEL Leadership Team.  [See Founding Team Sunshine, August 2010]

    May and June 2010   Eight local representatives attended a WestEd Trainer-of-Trainers & Coach training in San Diego (4 Infant representatives from UCSB, ICCAT, Allan Hancock College, & SBCEO Infant Program and 4 Preschool representatives from CALM and SBCEO CATCH program.

    September 24, 2010   Sandi Walters gave a brief presentation to the Preschool Directors’ Leadership Luncheon.
    October 8, & 30, 2010; Feb 26, & May 21, 2011   325 individuals attended CSEFEL Overviews, ‘Essential CSEFEL,’ two in Santa Barbara and two in Santa Maria, conducted in both English & Spanish.

    March and April 2011   Thirteen more local representatives attended a WestEd Trainer-of-Trainers & Coach training in Los Angeles.  [Representatives from First 5, Isla Vista Youth Projects, Santa Maria-Bonita School District, SBCEO Child Development, CPIN, University of LaVerne, Community Action Commission of SB, Community Action Partnership of San Luis Obispo County, & First Presbyterian Church of SB]

    2010 – 11  Early Child Care programs took on training their own staff and/or supported their own staff to become a trainer.  [Storyteller, Allan Hancock College, Santa Maria Bonita School District Bonita Migrant, Isla Vista Youth Projects , UCSB, CAC. CAPSLO, First Presbyterian Church of SB, SBCEO-Child Development, ECE Division – First 5 for Quality Counts]

    2010 – 11   Allan Hancock College infused information about CSEFEL into 3 of their CORE ECE courses.

    2010 – 11   CSEFEL training became part of the new First 5 CARES Plus funding.

    2011 – 12   THRIVE Santa Maria used the Parent Module of CSEFEL to support Mixteco Mommy and Me Groups.

    November 2011 – November 2013  THRIVE Guadalupe offered Modules 1, 2, 3A, 3B and Parent Modules to all ECE Staff at CAC’s Maggie Espinoza Head Start and CAPSLO’s Bonita Migrant Head Start; 7 Licensed Family Child Care Providers; WEB, HIPPY Staff; 11 Directors of Preschools who had attended original Trainer-of-Trainer & Coach trainings in San Diego or Los Angeles (Santa-Maria Bonita, Isla Vista Youth Projects, Storyteller, CALM, First 5 Staff, UCSB Orfalea Family Children’s Center, First Presbyterian Church of SB); Children’s Resource & Referral; SBCEO CATCH; & Health Linkages.

    April 29, 2014   CSEFEL Orientation presentation provided by Sandi Walters of WestEd to invite ECE Centers to apply for CSEFEL Teaching Pyramid training, Modules 1 through 3B, Parent Module, and Top of the Pyramid offered through WestEd as part of First 5’s Race to the Top/Early Learning Challenge grant. Joyce Stone, Child Care Planning Council, was contracted with First 5 to do some of the QRIS work, including coordinating the CSEFEL training.

    Spring 2014  CALM trained on the parent module at UCSB Orfalea Center.

    July 1, 2014 – June 2015   SBCEO CATCHprogram was awarded a First 5 System Change grant which supported the CATCH staff to attend the WestEd CSEFEL Teaching Pyramid training, Modules 1 through 3B, as Apprentice Trainers and Coaches in order to become Authorized CSEFEL Teaching Pyramid Trainers/Coaches and funding to train 20 Promotores de Salud in the Parent Module, Positive Solutions for Families, and provide field work to the Promotores in training families to support the development of social and emotional skills for their children.

    August 2014   CSEFELTeaching Pyramid Leadership Teamwas reconvened.  [See current Sunshine Leadership Team for members]

    August 2014 – June 2015   THRIVECarpinteria K-Readiness Action Team was selected through First 5’s Race-to-the-Top/Early Learning Challenge grant to offer CSEFEL Teaching Pyramid training, Modules 1 through 3B to all ECE providers in Carpinteria.  Concurrently, part of the training and technical assistance offered by WestEd included training of trainers and coaches who worked as Apprentice Trainers and Coaches in order to become Authorized Trainers and Coaches. 

    May 13, 2015Presentation made to the Child Care Planning Council on the Leadership Team progress.

    August 2015   Fivepeople (Donna Richards, CALM; Marya Malinowski, ICATT & Allan Hancock College; Florene Bednersh, SBCEO Children & Family Resource Services; Ana Tapia, SBCEO CATCH; Charlie Guzman, SBCEO CATCH; & Tamara Thompson, UCSB Early Childhood Care & Education Services) become fully Authorized CSEFEL Teaching Pyramid Trainers, meeting a goal for sustainability.   

    January 25, 2016 Two-year System Change grant was awarded to the CSEFEL Teaching Pyramid Leadership Team by the First 5 Commission.

    March 2016 SBCEO CATCH program provided an overview of the Teaching Pyramid model to 25 Santa Maria and Santa Barbara Family Child Care Providers through SB County Resource and Referral.

    May 20-21, 2016SB County team attended CSEFEL Symposium in Ventura.

    August 30, 2016 Overview of CSEFEL Parent Modules, Positive Solutions for Families, provided to the Partnership for Strengthening Families (CAPC, CCPC, & Network of Family Resource Centers).

    October 29, 2016 - June 3, 2017 Infant/Toddler QRIS Block Grantsupported County-wide Infant/Toddler Modules for 65 providers.

    November 14, 2016 – May 15, 2017 Preschool Teaching Pyramid Modules for 55 providers in Lompoc and Santa Ynez Valley

    June 2017 Early Care and Education CSEFEL Grant awarded by Santa Barbara Foundation.

    July 2017 Three newly authorized Infant/Toddler Trainers (Florene Bednersh, Marya Malinowski, Caley Mark)

    July 13, 2017 Overview of Infant/Toddler Modules presentation to Early Start Partners

    August 4, 2017Overview on Infant/Toddler and Preschool Modules provided for Community Action Commission of Santa Barbara Children’s Services Staff Institute.

    Sept. 9, 2017 – April 14, 2018Provided training on 5 Teaching Pyramid Modules in Santa Maria for 71 providers.

    January 8, 2018 – September 24, 2018Provided training on 5 Preschool Teaching Pyramid Modules for 45 Santa Barbara County Education Office Preschool Specialists and School Psychologists

    February 13, 2018Provided training for 40 members Network of Family Resource Center Learning Community for Advocates on Parent Modules

    March 24, 2018 – Sept. 18, 2018 Infant/QRIS Block Grantsupported County-wide Infant/Toddler Modules for 46 providers.

    May 18-19, 2018 SB County team attended CSEFEL Symposium in San Diego.

    July 2018 New Early Care and Education CSEFEL Grant awarded by Santa Barbara Foundation.

    July 2018New one-year System Change grant was awarded to the CSEFEL Teaching Pyramid Leadership Team by the First 5 Commission.

    October 13, 2018 ECE Leadership Kickoff Event - Building Leaders & Champions for Program-wide Implementation, Systems Thinking, and Organizational Change: How to integrate research-based practices to support children’s optimal learning with Craig Zercher, WestEd.

    Nov. 14, 2018  Presentation to Child Care Planning Council

    March – June, 2019Provided training on 5 Teaching Pyramid Modules in Santa Barbara for 73 providers.

    April 6, 2019Presented at Child Development Conference

    April 11, 2019 Presented at Early Childhood and Family Wellness Coalition

    April 18, 2019Presented at Child Abuse Prevention Council

    April 26 and 27, 2019 Poster at annual Teaching Pyramid Symposium on April 26 and 27 in Redwood City, CA.

    May 3, 2019 Presented at the Central Coast Association of School Psychologists’ 1st Annual Symposium, Social-Emotional Learning Matters

    June 25-27, 2019 Quality Counts Santa Barbara offers Phase 1 of CSEFEL Coach Training Certification Institute for 20 candidates

    November 2, 2019-March 20, 2020 In partnership with San Luis Obispo, provided 5 PS Modules series of Teaching Pyramid Preschool Modules for 60 attendees.

    November 16, 2019

    April 25, 2020 Provided 5 PS Modules series of Teaching Pyramid Preschool Modules in Lompoc for 67 attendees (includes Family Child Care Providers, Infant/Toddler and Preschool Teachers).

    November 2019- June 2020 Phase 2 of Coaching/Apprentice Training is integrated into above two trainings for 15 Apprentice Coach candidates and 4 Apprentice Trainers.  Of these, 1 Apprentice Trainer and 13 Apprentice Coaches are from Santa Barbara County.

    November 6, 2019- April 3, 2020 Sandi Walters, WestEd provided training on Role of the Site Leadership Team for 16 Preschool Directors/Site Leadership Team members.

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