Santa Barbara County Child Care Planning Council Organization

  • The Council operates under the authority of the County Board of Supervisors and the County Superintendent of Schools.

    Funding for the Council comes from the California Department of Education, Early Learning and Care Division. The Santa Barbara County Education Office is the Council’s fiscal agent.

    The Council has approximately 25 members who attend regular Council meetings and serve on a committee, an Action Team or ad hoc committee. Committees are made up of current Council members but Action Teams and ad hoc committees include other interested individuals as well as Council members. The committees and Action Teams meet on individual schedules.

    To access the Council and committee meeting schedules, click here for the Meetings page. For the names of Committee Chairs and Action Team Leaders, click here for the Current Membership. For Action Team and ad hoc committee information, contact

     CCPC Organizational Chart


    Descriptions of Components in Organization Chart 

    Purpose: This document is intended to provide brief descriptions of the function and role of the various components that make up the Council’s organizational chart.

    The COUNCIL: The Council Mission is “to lead and collaborate in planning, coordinating and advocating for quality, affordable, accessible early care and education for all children and families in Santa Barbara County”. The Council is a state-mandated body established by and reporting to the County Superintendent of Schools and the County Board of Supervisors. (It’s duties, responsibilities and membership are outlined in detail in the Bylaws.)

    The Standing Committees: These Committees are made up of members only and subject to the Brown Act requirements.

    1. The Steering Committee:shall provide leadership, financial accountability and policy recommendations to the Council. The Steering Committee shall be composed of Chair, Chair-Elect or Past Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary/Treasurer, the representative of the Board of Supervisors, the representative of the County Superintendent of Schools, the representative of First 5 and the chair of each Standing Committee. Minutes of Steering Committee meetings shall be provided to the full Council.
    2. The Nominating/Membership Committee:shall develop a slate of officers, recommend candidates for membership and support membership participation. Members of this Committee are four regular members reflecting the composition of the general membership. Actions of the Nominating/Membership Committee shall be approved by the Steering Committee and the Council.
    3. The Budget/Finance Committee:shall be charged with the implementation of sound fiscal management practices for the Council. With the Secretary/Treasurer, the Committee shall develop a proposed annual budget, oversee implementation of the Council financial policies, guide the Council on monetary matters, and review and recommend changes in financial policies and procedures. The Committee is chaired by the Secretary/Treasurer and members include the representative of the County Superintendent of Schools (representing the fiscal agent) and at least two additional members.
    4. The Strategic Plan Committee:shall develop, update and monitor implementation of the Strategic Plan for Early Care and Education in Santa Barbara County. The committee also works with staff on internal strategic planning for the Council. Membership is made up of interested Council members.

    The Strategic Action Teams: These teams are designed to be the action arm of the Council as it works with individuals and groups in the community, the Early Care and Education Division First 5, and Council staff to implement the Strategic Plan. Membership is open to Council and community members and leadership rotates. These groups are subject to Brown Act requirements. (Note: As these teams become active, they may amend or add to the following descriptions of their scope of work.)

    1. The Inclusive Child Care Action Team: was established by Children’s Resource and Referral (SB Family Care) and the Santa Barbara County Child Care Planning Council to develop a SB1703 funding distribution plan for Santa Barbara County. The goal of the Team is to increase the capacity of providers to serve children with disabilities in child care settings that meet their developmental needs, to advocate for inclusive child care and to increase the community’s awareness of the value of diversity and inclusive child care. Special education personnel, community members, providers, and consumers are members of the Action Team.

    2. The Program Improvement Action Team: was formerly the Program Improvement Consortium. When their state funding ended in 2001, the group was invited and agreed to become an action team of the Council. Members work to improve quality by ensuring the coordination of provider training and supporting parents to help them achieve quality care for their children. The Team provides support for the First 5 Early Care and Education Division, particularly the Program Quality Improvement Project (Quality Counts) and STAR (Stipends for Training and Retention).

    3. Ad Hoc Work Groups: undertake time limited, defined projects supporting Strategic Plan Strategies.