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  • Our Mission
    Our mission is to improve the health outcomes for children in Santa Barbara County by increasing access to preventative health and social services.

    Our Goal
    Our goal is to improve community capacity and the ability of early education, care providers, teachers, and parents to respond to the children's physical and behavioral needs.

    What We Do
    The Health Linkages Program is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for Santa Barbara County children and families by initiating and strengthening the linkages between health, safety, social services, and education. Health Linkages is the umbrella organization for several countywide programs and initiatives, including: 

    • The Santa Barbara County Children's Oral Health Initiative
    • Health and Safety Resources for Early Childhood Education Care Programs
    • Partnership with Santa Barbara County Promotores Network

    The Santa Barbara County Children's Oral Health Initiative

    Under the direction of Health Linkages, it provides oral health education, identifies dental disease, identifies orthodontia needs and provides treatment services to low-income children in targeted subsidized preschool, child care and elementary and middle school programs in Santa Barbara County. In addition, Health Linkages provides support to medical and dental providers to implement fluoride varnish applications within their practices.  The Health Linkages program coordinates fluoride varnish application for several school districts, Migrant Education and  special community events. Fluoride Varnish applications are provided two times a year for State Preschools, Children's Centers, School Readiness and Head Start programs, and kindergarten students at targeted elementary schools.             

    • Annually Serves: 
      • 900 Children in Head Start
      • 900 Children in State Subsidized Preschool programs
      • 500 Children in targeted kindergarten programs
      • 500 Children 0-3 years old
      • 1000 Children enrolled in  Migrant Education or other community programs
      • 188  Free Orthodontia treatment (braces)

    Health and Safety Resources for Early Childhood Education and Care Programs

    The Health Linkages staff provides health, safety and social support services for early childhood education and care programs. State Preschool health fairs are coordinated and screenings for vision, hearing, height and weight (BMI), dental evaluation and fluoride varnish application are provided annually. This Health Linkages Initiative serves 900 children and their families. 

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