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Mission, Vision, and Values

Our Mission

Through Service and Leadership we provide:

Direct Instruction and Specialized Student Services: From child care and preschools, to Juvenile Court and Community Schools, to Special Education support for students ages 0-22, SBCEO directly educates children throughout SB County.  

Support for Local School Districts and SBCEO Programs: SBCEO delivers services that are essential for the planning, operations, and fiscal integrity of local educational agencies and SBCEO programs.   We facilitate county-wide student events, teacher programs, professional networks, and strategic partnerships to build capacity of practitioners and to support student growth and learning.

Leadership and Advocacy: SBCEO advocates for appropriate and effective resources, policies, and practices at the local, regional, state, and federal levels.  


Our Vision

SBCEO will engage in ongoing efforts to model innovative practices that promote continuous improvement and equitable outcomes for students countywide.  By partnering with districts and schools, families, and agencies across Santa Barbara County, we will create conditions for every child to engage in inspiring experiences that meaningfully contribute to their lives and futures.


Our Values 

  • The needs of children and students center our work.
  • We are committed to educational and fiscal integrity, accountability, and stability.

  • As an organization, we aim to create positive, productive, collaborative work environments that promote employee safety, professional growth, and goal attainment.

  • We work to ensure that equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging are integrated throughout our programs, schools and organization.

  • We value our role as trusted community leaders and collaborators, and respect the autonomy of and impacts on local educational agencies and partners.

  • We share ownership of, and responsibility for, the service and leadership SBCEO provides.

  • We value establishing and strengthening partnerships throughout the county.

  • We celebrate and recognize youth, educators, and employees as they demonstrate continuous improvement, creativity, innovation, dedication, and extraordinary accomplishments.

*Updated December 2022