• CFRS is a non-profit organization 501(c)(3) under the umbrella of the Santa Barbara County Education Office. We have two programs within our department:

    • Welcome Every Baby (WEB)
    • Health Linkages program 

    Our programs  provide services for families and children living within the boundaries of  Santa Barbara County Schools. Services include but are not limited to newborn home visitation, parent education, teacher education; and support, access and funding for health screenings and oral health, including orthodontia. Our program also offers health, safety and social support services to early childhood education and care programs, referral for enrollment of children and families into government-sponsored health plans, the integration of health promotores into public and private agency outreach efforts and service delivery systems, as well as coordination of the SB County Promotores Network, and referral for support to other community partners.

    Our Mission:
    Provide high-quality, family-focused, strength-based services to build resilient communities throughout Santa Barbara County.



    Welcome Every Baby (WEB) is a free postpartum nurse home visitation program for all families with newborns in Santa Barbara County that are not already enrolled in a postpartum nurse home visitation program. All of the WEB Nurses are Registered Nurses and Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultants. They can provide one to three postpartum home visits within the first 3 months of a newborn's life, regardless of socioeconomic status. Using screening tools, the nurse/lactation consultant measures newborn and maternal health, provides lactation support, anticipatory guidance and education on parenting and assesses strengths and needs to help link the family to community resources.


    The Oral Health Program  provides oral health education, identifies dental diseases, identifies orthodontic needs, and provides health screening services to low-income children in targeted subsidized preschool, child care, and elementary and middle school programs in Santa Barbara County. The Oral Health program  staff also provides support to medical and dental providers to implement fluoride varnish applications within their practices.  The program staff also  coordinates the fluoride varnish application for several school districts, migrant education, and special community events. Fluoride Varnish applications are provided two times a year for state preschools, children's centers, school readiness and Head Start programs, and kindergarten students at targeted elementary schools.     


    Based on a strong, longstanding partnership with the Santa Barbara County Promotores Network/Red de Promotores, Health Linkages engages a team of 65+ community health workers (Promotores) across Santa Barbara County who initiate and strengthen the links between health, safety, social services, and education. Santa Barbara County Promotores Network members understand and respect underserved, marginalized, immigrant communities and cultures; Health Linkages liaises between the Promotores and organizations seeking to engage and assist these communities in a meaningful and respectful manner. With Health Linkages as the administrative backbone, Promotores enhance systems to improve community awareness about health and social service issues impacting them.

    Upon identifying gaps in health and social services in Santa Barbara County, Health Linkages works alongside the Promotores to plan and organize programs countywide to address needs and share resources. These programs are research-informed, culturally relevant, and activities are monitored and evaluated. Health Linkages staff liaise with Santa Barbara County Education Office (SBCEO) staff, regional and national organizations, and Promotores. Affiliated Promotores are recruited for specific tasks; receive general and in-depth thematic training, relevant health and educational materials; and are paid as independent contractors through the SBCEO and Children & Family Resource Services. The program is led by a manager and two regional coordinators, all bilingual in English and Spanish. The work is supported by over a dozen funding streams, including local, regional, state, and federal grants, as well as contracts with government, non-profit, and for-profit organizations.  

    Example collaborating organizations and current/upcoming projects include:

    • Alpha Family Resource Center
      Supporting families challenged by intellectual and developmental disabilities
    • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Partners for Vaccine Equity
      Improving COVID prevention, vaccination, testing, and treatment access and uptake
    • Cottage Health Center for Population Health
      Assessing community health needs and increasing Spanish virtual care
    • Foodbank of Santa Barbara County
      Offering nutrition education and facilitating CalFresh (SNAP food stamp) enrollment
    • Fund for Santa Barbara
      Equipping agricultural workers with knowledge of pre- and post-natal risks and rights
    • Santa Barbara County Air Pollution Control District
      Building awareness of wildfire smoke texting and website
    • Santa Barbara County Education Office Partners in Education
      Connecting families with access to digital tools, connectivity, TA, and resources
    • Santa Barbara County Education Office Early Care and Education
      Increasing car seat safety, connecting with Juvenile Court & Community Schools parents
    • Santa Barbara County Department of Behavior Wellness
      Providing digital/technology education and resources to recent/expecting mothers
    • Santa Barbara County Department of Behavior Wellness
      Facilitating health navigation and stressbuster resilience for emotional wellbeing
    • Santa Barbara County Planning & Development Long Range Planning
      Long range planning for climate change, resilience, environmental justice, and housing
    • Santa Barbara County Resource Recovery & Waste Management Division
      Increasing residential composting and sustainable waste management
    • Santa Barbara Foundation
      Developing community health worker/promotores and health navigator workforces
    • Santa Barbara County Public Health Department
      Preventing tobacco use, promoting cessation, reducing secondhand smoke
    • Savie Health
      Encouraging telehealth primary, behavioral, and psychiatric care in uninsured


    The Early Childhood and Family Wellness Coalition is a cross-sector group of organizations that support children pre-natal to 5 and their families. Fundamental to their approach is a shared belief that the numerous and complex systems supporting children and families in Santa Barbara County must be better coordinated in order for children to achieve success in school and life. We are all committed to incorporating the science of ACEs and trauma-informed practices into the work of our organizations to promote the wellness of our community.


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    MaryEllen Rehse, MSW
    CFRS Administrator/Director
    Office: (805) 964-4710, ext. 4465
    Fax: (805) 682-4643

    Traile Easland, BSN, RN, IBCLC
    Welcome Every Baby Nurse Manager
    Cell: (805) 729-1593
    Fax: (805) 682.9016

    Darnyl Dal Bon
    Office Assistant
    Office: (805) 964-4710, ext. 4453
    Fax: (805) 682-4643

    Josefa Rios
    Health Advocate/Lead Promotora South County
    Cell phone: (805) 448-2578

    Children and Family Resource Services
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