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April KIT Survey Results

  • What is your best tip/recipe for Coronavirus cooking (please include links)?

  • What are you looking forward to doing once social distancing as we know it, has stopped?

  • What, if any, positives have you found during this “stay at home” period?

April 10 Zoom Coffee Break

  • Picture of Zoom meeting

    On April 10 we had a little Friday fun via Zoom with a true or false quiz.  Can you guess the answers?

    1. Dolphins sleep with one eye open.
    2. One of Saturn’s moons looks like the Death Star from Star Wars.
    3. Statistically, people with blue eyes have larger feet.
    4. The Statue of Liberty was originally meant for the Suez Canal.
    5. The vast majority of Iran’s Olympic medals have been in synchronized swimming.
    6. Celery takes more calories to eat than it actually contains.
    7. Elephants are the only animals that can’t jump.
    8. Nine people died in the Great London Beer Flood of 1814.
    9. Ducks do not have eyelids.
    10. James Brown’s wife once tried to claim diplomatic immunity because her husband had been called America’s #1 Ambassador.
  • Answers

HR birthday surprise

  • Picture of employee zoom meeting

    Who says unicorns are imaginary?

    This one Zoombombed HR’s birthday celebration for Tom Heiduk!

    Okay, so it was actually Penny the goat, who lives at the King Wolf Animal Sanctuary and moonlights as a birthday unicorn.

    Amy Ramos also enjoyed visiting with the alpaca, the miniature horses, Hamlet and Lydia the pigs, and the other residents of the sanctuary.


  • Partners in Education

    Picture of computer donation

    Computers for Families continues to play a critical role across the entire county, with new appointments being scheduled every day to distribute refurbished computers. Since March 16, 307 computers have been distributed, bringing the grand total for the program year to more than 700! More than 175 of supported families are in North County. Plans are being made to safely begin taking hardware donations again.

    Virtual Job Readiness Training launched May 5 with 29 high school students. Erika Terrazas and Illa Llinares have been working together closely on a process that will allow students to drop off their paperwork while also following social distancing measures. Meanwhile, Giuliana Montecito — a clothing boutique — just hired two student interns to work remotely, assisting the store in creating an online presence. Woohoo!


    SBCEO receives accreditation for teacher programs

    In May the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) awarded SBCEO’s teacher credential programs accreditation for an additional seven years. This includes the Teacher Induction Program, Preliminary Administrative Services Credential Program, and Clear Administrative Services Credential Program, which train educators during all phases of their careers, from new teachers to those in administrative leadership positions.

    The accreditation process began 18 months ago with writing to the Common and Program Standard and included a comprehensive review of 35 categories of documents.  It culminated in a four-day site “visit” in April 2020 via Zoom with 215 stakeholder interviews.

    Kudos and congratulations to the SBCEO team: Ellen Barger, John Merritt, Lynn Rosenberry, Letitia Bradley, Cassandra Bautista, Ivett Cuevas, Lupie Vickery, and Pat Noronha. Your hard work and dedication to helping educators in our county is inspiring and appreciated!


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