• The Remote Instruction Innovation (RII) Grant, a brand-new offering of the SBCEO Teachers Network for 2020-21, was devised for local teachers seeking to address the unprecedented challenges of shifting to digital classrooms where teaching and learning have been completely redesigned. Both teachers and students have been forced into virtual school environments that resulted in unexpected hurdles they face each class period. The RII Grant aims to find, support, and recognize innovative and effective remote/online instruction to share with other local teachers. The selced strategies, projects, and approaches engage students, address their social/emotional needs, and create an inclusive space for ALL. 

    Thank you to our SBCEO Teachers Network partners who understand the impact COVID has had on teachers and students, and generously gave and make this grant possible:

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     2020-21 Remote Instruction Innovation Strategies:

    Below are the grant-winning approaches created by teachers from across Santa Barbra County. If you are interested in learning how you can learn more about, or integrate these approaches into your classroom, email us the Teachers Network.

    Krista Caniano- Lompoc Valley Middle School, Lompoc Unified School District

    Individualized Log in Books
    If students cannot login to online learning independently, they need a modified approach. Individual login books give a pictorial view, so they can learn step by step how to attend their online courses and complete online work. Contact the Teachers Network if you'd like to learn more.

     Wendy Culver - Clarence Ruth School, Lompoc Unified School District

    Distance Learning Reading Incentive
    Recognizing the problem of keeping students motivated after school hours to complete independent reading, which is essential for developing readers to maintain, I created an incentive program to recognize a variety of reading success targets. Contact the Teachers Network if you'd like to learn more.

    Fe Demition - Miller School, Santa Maria-Bonita School District

    Literacy and Guided Reading Book and Math Learning Tools
    This learning tool pack supplies literacy and guided reading books and math learning tools and manipulatives to students. During remote learning instruction the common materials  increase student engagement because all student have identical materials that teach essential reading and math foundational skills. Contact the Teachers Network if you'd like to learn more.

    Nathan Evans - Vieja Valley School, Hope School District

    Manga High International Math Program
    This is a US Common Core Standards based Math program in which I engage my students by assinging unique challenges for my 5th graders. We are paired-up with schools from all across the world and have Math competitions which last one week at a time each. The students LOVE this progam becuase it integrates competition and invites students to learn from peers from far away places! Contact the Teachers Network if you'd like to learn more.

    Student Testimonial: 

    Dear generous donor,
    Thank you for your generous donation for Manga High. Our school’s paid program is one called happy numbers, happy numbers is just not as fun as Manga High. Manga High has games activities and much more than happy numbers. I like how the manga high program makes math and learning fun for kids like me. My favorite game on Manga High is Sunday times multiplication facts. You can go online and test your skills against other people in the world. I really like how you were super kind and gave us money for Manga High thank you for supporting our class!
    ~ Sincerely, (Student)

    Jennifer Gamboa - Ballard School, Ballard School District

    Succeeding at Asynchronous Teaching With Seesaw
    Asynchronous teaching has never been as important as it is now. With students and teachers working apart, they each need a tool to help teach, connect, and share thinking. The online portfolio program, Seesaw, does all of the above for teachers and students. I'm using Seesaw in my virtual classroom and see tremendous success. Contact the Teachers Network if you'd like to learn more.

    Carolyn Haines - Canalino School, Carpinteria Unified School District

    Digital Classroom Hub
    The Digital Classroom Hub is a strategy I'm using to simplify access to class materials, assignments, and schedules for my students and their families. The Digital Classroom Hub is also simple for me to update and maintain at a time when instruction is more challenging than ever. Contact the Teachers Network if you'd like to learn more.

    Jeanet Herrera - Jimenez Elementary School, Santa Maria-Bonita School District

    Learn Math Anytime & Anywhere
    Engaging students during remote learning is a new, incredible challenge. I am integrating new strategies including teacher-created math videos, small group interaction approaches, and Flipgrid videos created by students in my math instruction. With the use of these varied and effective technologies, students are experiencing success despite the difficulties of the digital classroom. Contact the Teachers Network if you'd like to learn more.

    Laura Ishikawa - Hancock Preschool, Santa Barbara County Education Office

    Partnering with Families During Distance Learning
    By creating and posting videos that model language, developmental learning strategies, and behavior support strategies to my Google Classroom, I am able to visually show and model for my families what I would normally do in my face-to-face instruction. We employ a variety of activities and strategies they can use with their children on their own time and schedule during distaoce learning. Contact the Teachers Network if you'd like to learn more.

    Teacher Testimonial:

    Thank you so much for funding the Remote Instruction Innovation Grants! Your support of teachers during this time of change and pivoting to all new teaching and learning strategies is appreciated.
    ~ Laura Ishikawa, SBCEO Preschool Inclusion Teacher

    Teacher Showing Flash Card

    Kayla Johnson - Monroe Elementary School, Santa Barbara Unified School District

    Engaging Education Through Online Visuals
    Engaging my young students has been particularly challenging in the online environment. I have found that by creating colorful, enticing, and academically fun-filled slides to reach all of my students, I am able to better meet all of their learning needs. Visually intriguing content has made the digital classroom more intersting and students are more involved. Contact the Teachers Network if you'd like to learn more.

    Shauna Juarez - Tunnell School, Santa Maria-Bonita School District

    Engaging Young Scholars in Distance Learning
    What are the specific instructional tools for online learning that primary students need to be successful in a digital environment? I have created tools that allow the young learner to navigate the online interface of Zoom, Chrome, Clever, Seesaw, and Classroom in an appropriately scaffolded and systematic introduction. Contact the Teachers Network if you'd like to learn more.

    Online Class

    Rosemary Martin - Dos Pueblos High School, Santa Barbara Unified School District

    Bienvenidos a La Clase
    I use weekly presentations via Google Slides, fill-in forms, an interactive notebook, Google Classroom, Nearpod, PearDeck, Quizlet and many more programs to make learning more engaging. I have summative and formative assessments that are new and effective as I sacfold my instruction in new, effective ways. Contact the Teachers Network if you'd like to learn more.

    Alexandria Medina -  Fesler Junior High School, Santa Maria-Bonita School District

    Introduction to Gothic Fiction
    Developing a junior high schooler's interest in literature during normal school is tough enough- doing so in a remote classroom is particularly challenging. To introduce the concept of Gothic Fiction to students at the beginning of my StudySync unit- Suspense, I created an asynchronous EdPuzzle assignment. The EdPuzzle approach piques the students' curiousity and provides early success in workign with literature. Contact the Teachers Network if you'd like to learn more.

    Jason Naczek - Santa Ynez Valley Charter School, College School District

    Routines! Routines! Routines!
    My goal is to make the virtual classroom a safe, fun place where students feel included and engaged, know what to expect, and WANT to be there. By developign a clear sense of routine, ALL students are more successful and engaged. The key is to explicitly introduce effective routines in the online environment. Contact the Teachers Network if you'd like to learn more.

    Eugenia Pappas & Lara Schmeiser - Santa Ynez Valley Charter School, College School District

    Primary Remote Technology Interface Strategy
    The Learning Management System known as "Canvas" has become our main teacher-student interface platform. It allows for flexibility with drop and drag programming to create a visually-based learning arena that makes for easy parent and student access. It has become an essential learning tool we're all excited to use daily. Contact the Teachers Network if you'd like to learn more.

    Stacey Rapp - Benjamin Foxen School, Blochman Union School District

    Building Classroom Community and Confidents Students
    Creating a strong classroom community is vital to any learning evironment, but it is even more essential in a distance learning situation. One way I am building an effective shared learning community is by incorporating engaging interactions through some great computer programing that is both engaging and easy to use. Contact the Teachers Network if you'd like to learn more.

    Lynn Seigel-Boettner - Vieja Valley School, Hope School District
    A-B-C, It's Easy As 1-2-3 Hands-On Learning in An Online World

    Teaching young children how to write letters and numbers is part of a student's foundational learning. How to provide meaningful, hands-on experiences that teach these essential skills while in Distance Learning mode is a tremendou challenge. I encourage my students to turn off the computer and get outside time and learn the skills in the world around them. Contact the Teachers Network if you'd like to learn more.

    Kyler Stupar - La Cumbre Junior High School, Santa Barbara Unified School District

    Online Math Language Routines
    Math Language Routines are classroom routines that specifically scaffold discussions about math in order to offer entry points to using math language to students of all mathematical and linguistic capabilities. I have developed a method for facilitating these routines that I would typically teach in person, in the new online environment. Contact the Teachers Network if you'd like to learn more.

    Lara Willbanks - San Marcos High School, Santa Barbara Unified School District

    SEL Check and Connect in Covid: A 5 Minute Method for Starting a Zoom Class That Encourages Social-Emotional Well Being
    I have developed a system for starting a Zoom class in an engaging way that supports students social-emotional wellbeing. It is a system that anyone can replicate to help not only high school students with dapting to the online classroom. The tools needed are Zoom, Google Apps for Education and ParentSquare/StudentSquare (or other communication system). Contact the Teachers Network if you'd like to learn more.

    Melissa Woods - Dos Pueblos High School, Santa Barbara Unified School District

    Experiential Learning with Elementary Students
    The goal of this initiative is to leverage the expertise of our team of teachers, our facilities, and resources to develop, implement, and provide high-quality STEAM educational experiences for local elementary students. We will create STEAM kits that are aligned with the NGSS to be delivered to 4-6 grade teachers and students. Contact the Teachers Network if you'd like to learn more.