Website Training

Website Tips

  • Returns
    Hit Shift+Enter for a line or single space return

    Migrating Content
    Be sure to paste as text or clear formatting to not bring in other styles or HTML.

    Styling Blue Bar
    If you haven't saved it. just hit undo and it should bring it back. If you have saved it, just start over. Go the the F icon (template styles) on the editing bar and choose primary color box (blue). Then go to the T (Heading styles) and choose H1 for your header. Center it and change it to ”largest” on the using the feather icon. 

    Styling Staff Contacts
    If you happen to forget how to style the names and contact information, they are bold for the name and the text is normal size (under the feather icon). If you're getting weird formatting, you can try clearing the formatting. Remember that it will say at the bottom of the text box if you have a heading style set (i.e. H1). Phone numbers should be (805) xxx-xxxx ext. xxx. Emails should just be the email (do not put in the word email). For example, All of the names should be the same size as every other name. The orders will vary based on division.

Accessibility Training

  • To schedule an accessibiilty training, contact Joan Gilmore at or (805) 964-4710, ext. 5276.

    Accessibility for Word & Excel

    LinkedIn Trainings:

    Making Word and PDF Documents Accessible (without Adobe Acrobat Pro)

    Accessibility Checklist (Best Practices)