Attendance Reporting

  • Our office is responsible for collecting and transmitting LEA attendance data to the California Department of Education (CDE).

    Attendance Submission: Please use CDE's Principal Apportionment Data Collection Software to complete the required reports and submit to our office for processing. 


    * All certifications must contain a certification number in the upper right corner that matches the certification number on the corresponding export file(s). All certification pages must be signed by the district superintendent and responsible charter school official, if applicable (no signature stamps allowed). Please coordinate ahead of time to ensure that proper signatures can be obtained ahead of the deadline.

    The Principal Apportionment Data Collection Software, along with attendance reporting resources and documentation, are posted below.

    Charter Schools: An authorizing district is responsible for collecting, reviewing, and remitting attendance data for its charter school(s). Therefore, a district may need to establish and communicate earlier reporting deadlines to its charter school(s) so that it has sufficient time to review and certify the data before submission to our office.

    Coming soon Please note that beginning in 2021-22 LEAs will begin reporting attendance information using the NEW Principal Apportionment Data Collection (PADC) Web application. LEA administrator assignments will be created by our office and are forthcoming in Fall 2021.




  • PADC Software FY 2020-21
  • PADC User Guide
  • Data Reporting Instructions
  • Known Problems and Fixes