Authorized Signature

  • Education Code Sections 35143 and 72000 require the governing board of each school district and community college district to hold an annual organizational meeting within 15 days of the second Friday in December 2020. At that meeting, the board schedules next year’s regular meetings, selects officers, and adopts board authorized signatures. The steps listed below outline what is necessary to meet requirements.

Step 1: Please fill out form

  • Please advise our office when the annual organizational meeting will be held this year.

Step 2: Please fill out and submit attachments

Step 3: Submit directly to the State of California

  • Statement of Facts: Roster of Public Agencies Filing

    Government Code Section 53051(b) requires public agencies to file an amended State of Facts Roster of Public Agencies Filing with the Secretary of State within ten days of an annual organizational meeting. Submit directly to the State of California Secretary of State, in accordance with the directions noted on the form.

For Staffing Changes during the year

  • Authorized signature forms must be submitted whenever there is a change in board authorized signatures. Timely revisions help prevent delays in SBAS’s ability to audit and release district documents.  Thank you for submitting promptly.

    • Board Authorized Signatures - Whenever there is a change in board authorized signatories, please complete new forms and submit to SBAS with the date of board approval.
    • Release of Commercial and Payroll Warrants and Personnel to Act as District agents - For changes in personnel during the year, please complete Attachments F(1), G(1) and H(1).