• Public contract law requires formal bidding and advertising for public projects or purchases, services, and repairs equal to or exceeding specified limits. 

    Calendar Year 2023

    Public Projects

    PCC Section 22002(c)

    Purchases, Services & Repairs

    PCC Section 20111(a)



    • Alterations
    • Construction
    • Demolition
    • Improvements
    • Painting (major)
    • Reconstruction
    • Renovation
    • Repair work
    • Resurfacing greater than 1"
    • Service Systems (e.g., air conditioning, telephone)
    • Custodial and security services
    • Equipment
    • Fleet Vehicle
    • Gardening/Landscaping
    • Maintenance (routine, recurring, usual)
    • Painting (minor)
    • Repair work (not public projects)
    • Resurfacing less than 1"
    • Tools
    • Supplies

    Please refer to the Accounts Payable Manual for more detailed information on contracts, bidding, audit documentation requirements, applicable code sections, and sample board resolutions.

Emergency Resolutions

  • When an emergency exists in your district, your governing board may enter into a contract without bidding and advertising as required by law even though the contract exceeds the bid thresholds indicated above. This may be done only if specific criteria are met.

    Adoption of an emergency resolution by your governing board and approval by the county superintendent of schools is required pursuant to Public Contract Code §20113 for K-12 districts or §20654 for community colleges. The emergency provision only provides relief from bidding and advertising and not from obtaining the written contract, necessary bonds, certificates of insurance, change orders or any other required documentation or procedures.  


  • 1. There must be an emergency

  • 2. Declare an emergency and pass a resolution

  • 3. Prepare your resolution

  • 4. Notify SBAS

  • 5. SBAS review

  • 6. Obtain board approval and submit to SBAS

Sample Board Resolution

  • Example
  • Template