Escape User Management

  • Each district is responsible for maintaining and securing its users in the Escape Financial Management System. Therefore, it is essential that the district reviews and monitors its active users on an ongoing basis and ensures authorized access and proper user setup through the User Roles and Permissions activity. Preferably, there are only a few users with the capability to manage users with an Org Manager role for the System module.

Review System Users

  • 1Generate a list of active Escape user accounts for your district

      • In Escape, navigate to System > Setup > Users and select the following criteria: Disabled (N); Active (Y); Access All Orgs (N)

    2Review Escape user accounts for authorized access  

      • Disable and/or deactivate any users that no longer need access to Escape by navigating to System > Setup > Users:
        • Disable Login – Set to (Y) to disable the login process. Use this setting to temporarily restrict access that you expect to restore at a later date (i.e., employee on leave). To make the user login active again, set to (N).
        • Active - Set to (N) to deactivate the user. Use this setting to permanently remove a user that is no longer employed or will not be working on Escape. Also set Disable Login to (Y).
        • For SBCEO to process your request to deactivate a user, both of the following Escape User settings must be in place:
          • Active - Set to (N)
          • Disable Login - Set to (Y)

    3Review Escape User Setup to validate User Roles and Activity Permissions 

      • In Escape, navigate to Finance > Reports > Org Manager > System12_SBCEO (User Report Instructions are linked in the Toolbox above).

    Be sure to run this report 'with Permissions' (option b) and review each user's setup for proper restrictions and controls. 

A lock that represents security