SACS Web Financial Reporting System

  • NewCDE has released the SACS Web-Based Financial Reporting System.

    The SACS Web System will be used by LEAs to prepare and submit a series of required financial reports and data for the budget, interim, and unaudited actuals reporting periods. This system will replace the existing SACS desktop software beginning with the 2022–23 Adopted Budget Report.

Basic Workflow

  • SACS Workflow

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LEA Administrator/User Manager Tools

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get a login to SACS Web?

  • What if my SACS Web temporary password link has expired?

  • Will SACS Web replace the existing SACS desktop software?

  • How do I print multiple forms?

  • How do I enable pop-ups in Chrome?

  • How do I reimport general ledger data into an existing submission so that my work on supplemental forms and criteria and standards is not deleted?

  • When do I route my Adopted Budget to SBAS?

  • What information is needed when reporting a system performance issue?

End-User Training - SACS Web System

SACS Web System Kickoff Webinar

  • SACS Web System
  • CDE SACS Webpage
  • Financial Reporting Calendar (CDE)
  • Criteria & Standards
  • SACS Query & Valid Codes/Combinations
  • SACS Forum Meetings
  • SACS Desktop Software (prior years)