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ICCAT Mission
Building inclusive, high quality child care opportunities for all children and their families in Santa Barbara County.

ICCAT Vision
It is the vision of the Inclusive Child Care Action Team that early care and education providers, parents and special service providers work together with a passionate commitment to support full inclusion of children of all abilities in our community.

We envision a system that meets the inclusive early care and education needs of children, their families, and providers by promoting technical assistance, training, resources, public awareness, and support to families for accessing high quality early care and education. 

ICCAT Membership
Membership on the Inclusive Child Care Action Team is open to any individual interested in increasing the quality and quantity of inclusive child care in Santa Barbara County. Interested individuals should contact the Child Care Planning Council for meeting information.

Planning For Inclusion
SBCEO Child Development Program has received an Inclusive Early Education grant that has provided funding for our county to support Inclusive practices in the classroom and family childcare programs. Various professional development will be made available county wide in addition to Tiers of support for participating programs. For more information about this program or to participate, please contact Holly Harvan at

Parent Resources:

What Steps to Take When a Concern Should Arise
There are many local resources available in our community to support you and your child in this process. It is important in this process to access the proper support to help navigate your needs while supporting you to be an active participant in this process. These are resources available for you to help with this process.

Local Resources: 

Early Identification: Key Components:

Developmental Milestone Checklist: (English) (Spanish)

Understanding an IFSP/IEP