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If you are involved in a life-threatening emergency, please call 911.

These safety resources are intended for use by SBCEO employees, students, program participants, or if you have an SBCEO-related concern.

Many concerns are the responsibility of local educational agencies (LEAs), including the hiring and evaluation of staff, employee relations, selection/provision of textbooks and materials, pupil discipline, provision of core curricula subjects, homework policies and practices, and dress codes and school uniforms.

Every county office of education, school district, and charter school governing board are required to have established local complaint policies that describe the procedures that must be followed to resolve complaints. Copies of complaint policies and procedures are available at county offices of education, district offices, or charter school offices. 

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A complaint is a statement alleging that a local school, school district, or county of education policy has been violated or that a state or federal law or regulation has been violated.

If you have a complaint, submit it in writing to your school, district, or county office of education, following the governing board policies and procedures. The local governing board has ultimate authority over many subjects, including:

  • hiring and evaluation of staff
  • student assignments
  • student discipline
  • facility conditions

If you don’t get a response or decision or don’t agree with a response or decision please refer back to the governing board policies and procedures of the district, county office of education, or charter school for guidance.