• Internal Services

About Internal Services

Accounting, Budgeting, Categoricals, Accounts Payable/Receivable and Inventory

Name Extension Title Email
Araceli Vasquez 5257 Fiscal Services Controller avasquez@sbceo.org
Patrice Nelson 5294 Fiscal Services Manager pnelson@sbceo.org
Melissa Lee 5443 Accounting Supervisor mlee@sbceo.org
Ana Dillon 5218 Senior Accounting Technician adillon@sbceo.org
Patty Valadez 5296 Senior Accounting Technician pvaldez@sbceo.org
Henry Hamamoto 5275 Senior Accounting Technician hhamamoto@sbceo.org
Jacquie Estrada 5204 Accounting Assistant jestrada@sbceo.org
Lauren Moore 5224 Accounting Assistant lmoore@sbceo.org
Rachel Hamamoto 5291 Senior Administrative Assistant rachelh@sbceo.org


Name Extension Title Email
Jessica Hallberg 5453 Payroll Supervisor jhallberg@sbceo.org
Rob Locke 5215 Payroll Technician wlocke@sbceo.org
Claudia Weinstein 5230 Payroll Technician cweinstein@sbceo.org
Jill Krzyston 5297 Payroll Technician jkrzyston@sbceo.org

Early Care and Education Payments

Name Extension Title Email
Alejandra Rodriguez 5236 Accounting Assistant arodriguez@sbceo.org
Ashley Valeriano 5457 Accounting Assistant avaleriano@sbceo.org

Internal Operations - South County Office

Name Extension Title Email
Vacant 5234 Maintenance and Operations Manager
Juan Cervantes 0 Maintenance and Operations Supervisor jcervantes@sbceo.org
Felipe Dominguez 0 Custodian phillipd@sbceo.org
Jesus Aguilera 0 Custodian jaguilera@sbceo.org
Eulogio Salazar 0 Custodian/Delivery Driver esalazar@sbceo.org
Vacant 0 Custodian
Frank Winai Lemos 5269 Delivery Specialist II flemos@sbceo.org
Michael Taylor 5269 Delivery Specialist I mtaylor@sbceo.org

Internal Operations - North County Office

Name Extension Title Email
Debra Hood 2203 North County Liaison and Office Manager dhood@sbceo.org
Keith Cox 2201 Risk & Loss Control Manager kcox@sbceo.org
Maria Sagrero 2200 Administrative Assistant msagrero@sbceo.org
Manuel Aguilar 2203 Lead Custodian/Maintenance Worker maguilar@sbceo.org
Alex De La Cruz 2227 Custodian/Maintenance Worker adelacruz@sbceo.org
Heracio Carrillo 2203 Custodian hcarrillo@sbceo.org
Isaac Gomez-Suarez 2203 Custodian igomezsuarez@sbceo.org
  • Nicole Evenson
    Administrator, Internal Services
    (805) 964-4710, ext. 5227

    Rachel Hamamoto
    Senior Administrative Assistant
    (805) 964-4710, ext. 5291

    Debra Hood
    North County Liaison and Office Manager
    (805) 349-0443, ext. 2203

    Patrice Nelson
    Fiscal Services Manager
    (805) 964-4710, ext. 5294

    Araceli Vasquez
    Fiscal Services Controller
    (805) 964-4710, ext. 5257