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  • School Business Advisory Services (SBAS) is the External Business Services Department for SBCEO serving Santa Barbara County’s 20 K-12 school districts as well as district-sponsored charter schools and the local community colleges. The mission of SBAS is to promote sound financial management practices through fiscal monitoring, analysis, and consultation to fulfill our state-mandated oversight responsibilities. 

    We provide financial oversight as well as quality advisory services and support to school business officials. Our staff reviews budgets, LCAPs, collective bargaining agreements, and other financial documents to promote fiscal solvency. We also work with external local, state, and federal agencies to deliver prompt, accurate payroll tax and retirement reporting, accounts payable auditing and processing, general ledger management, and financial system technical support. 

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  • Debbie Breck
    Limited Term Interim-Administrator, School Business Advisory Services
    (805) 964-4710, ext. 5237

    Amada Dulay
    Senior Administrative Assistant
    (805) 964-4710, ext. 5201

    John De Voto
    Business Systems Manager
    (805) 964-4710, ext. 5241

    Finance Systems Supervisor
    (805) 964-4710, ext. 5372

    Rebecca Holmes
    District Financial Advisor
    (805) 964-4710, ext. 5271  

    Makenzie Johns
    District Financial Advisor
    (805) 964-4710, ext. 5259

    Myron Porter
    Payroll Systems Supervisor
    (805) 964-4710, ext. 5280

    Danielle Spahn 
    District Financial Advisor
    (805) 964-4710, ext. 5273  

    Jenelle Williams
    District Financial Advisor
    (805) 964-4710, ext.5221


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