About the County Committee

  • The County Committee was created by the California State Legislature in 1949. It functions within the rules and regulations established by the Legislature and its own policies and procedures. It responds to petitioners and School District Governing Boards. Most people see school districts as stable or even permanent government entities. School district boundaries, however, do change. Territory is transferred from one school district to another, districts are divided or combined with neighboring districts, and some districts are terminated. Its duties and responsibilities pertain to School Districts - Kindergarten through Community Colleges. The County Committee's activities are coordinated by the County Superintendent of Schools, and its actions are reported to the State Board of Education.

    The County Committee on School District Organization consists of eleven members - two representatives from each Supervisorial District and one member serving at large.  Committee members are elected at an Annual Election of School District Board Representatives. The term of office is four years. The members serve without pay. 

    Source: California Department of Education District Organization Handbook  


  • First Supervisorial District

    • Robin Sawaske Term expires: Dec. 2023 
    • Terry Hickey Banks Term expires: Dec. 2022

    Second Supervisorial District 

    • Nancy Harter Term expires: Dec. 2025 
    • Steve Minjarez Term expires: Dec. 2023

    Third Supervisorial District 

    • Jan Clevenger Term expires: Dec. 2024
    • Judith Dale Term expires: Dec. 2024

    Fourth Supervisorial District 

    • Dr. Ed Cora  Term expires: Dec. 2025
    • Janet Zilli Term expires: Dec. 2024

    Fifth Supervisorial District 

    • Margaret Ontiveros Term expires: Dec. 2023  
    • Linda Cordero Term expires: Dec. 2022


    • Steve Straight Term expires: Dec. 2025                                         
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  • Meetings are held at 2 p.m., unless otherwise noted 

    Location:  Santa Barbara County Education Office, Board Room
                      4400 Cathedral Oaks Road
                      Santa Barbara 93106

    Note: During COVID-19, Committee meetings are being held on Zoom and the link is provided on the agenda.  

    While members of the public are not required to pre-register in order to make a comment at the meeting, as a courtesy it is requested that you contact Amada Dulay (adulay@sbceo.org) in advance of the meeting about the topic on which you wish to speak.  Alternatively, persons wishing to address the committee may click the “raise hand” feature in the Zoom platform during the comment period in which you wish to speak.  For public hearing items, requests to speak will be recognized until the period for comment for that public hearing has elapsed. For requests to speak on all other items, these requests will be recognized until the period for general public comment (Item 4) has elapsed.The total amount of time allowed for all public comments (general public comment and public hearings) will be up to 1 hour. Individual public comments are normally limited to five minutes each. However, the amount of time may be adjusted with consent of the committee depending on the total number of persons wishing to be heard. If the speaker needs more time, they may submit written comments adulay@sbceo.org.  If you need accessibility accommodation, please contact Amada Dulay prior to the meeting adulay@sbceo.org(805) 964-4710, ext. 5201).

    December 5, 2022 - Annual Organizational Meeting
    Agenda | Minutes |

    Please call in advance in the event that a meeting is cancelled due to lack of agenda items.

Send Correspondence to

  • Secretary to County Committee and Administrator for School Business Advisory Services 

    Santa Barbara County Education Office
    4400 Cathedral Oaks Road
    Santa Barbara, CA 93160

    (805) 964-4710. ext. 5237

    For your information: Frequently Asked Questions



    Amada Dulay
    Senior Administrative Assistant, School Business Advisory Services 
    (805) 964-4710, ext. 5201