• Print Shop

Print Services in Reprographics

  • We print black-and-white and color copies, envelopes and letterhead, business cards, NCR forms (with multiple carbon copies), fillable PDF forms, directories and booklets, labels, photo-identification badges, and other products. Our large-format color printer allows us to print posters, vinyl banners, magnets, and other media. We can print anything from the size of a postage stamp up to a 3½ x 10-foot banner and offer desktop publishing and graphic design services as well as binding, collating, drilling, folding, stapling, cutting, laminating, and more.

    Acceptable File Formats
    We prefer PDF files, but can also work with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, and Excel documents as well as graphic elements such as JPEG, TIFF, PNG, and BMP.

    Time Frame
    We can often complete a project in less than two business days. However, depending on the job’s size and complexity, it may take longer. If you have a tight deadline, please call prior to submitting a work order at 964-4710, ext. 5253.

Graphic Design Services

  • Since each job is unique, please contact Luis Medina at lmedina@sbceo.org or 964-4710, ext. 5270 to discuss your project prior to submitting a work order. Turnaround depends on the complexity of the project and the existing workload. Plan a minimum of two weeks from the time the work order is submitted. If you also require printing services, plan for additional time for printing.

ID Badge Photos

  • Call 964-4710, ext. 5253 to confirm a photographer is on-site at the Cathedral Oaks campus and is available.


  • Schools and school districts are invoiced for completed work. Nonprofit organizations and other customers pay when the order is picked up. We accept cash and checks.