Spam Filtering Login & FAQ - AppRiver


    1. How do I access the SBCEO SPAM Email Filtering (AppRiver)?

    2. What is my AppRiver log in? Your SBCEO email address (

    3. I don't know what my AppRiver password is? Click the Forgot Password link on the login screen to choose a new password.

    4. How do I get a legitimate email that’s in AppRiver to appear in my regular email inbox? Click on the Quarantine tab.  Select the email that you want to be delivered and click on the Release button.  You will be prompted if you want to add the sender or domain to your allowed list.

    5. In AppRiver, how do I "Always Allow" or "Always Block" a particular email address or domain? Click on Filters.  On the left, either click on Domains or Email Addresses depending on what you are trying to allow or block.  Click on the appropriate Add button to Allow or Block.  Enter the email address or domain you want to be allowed or blocked.  Click on the Save button.

    6. How do I view the rules I have set-up? Click on Filters, then click on Domains or Email Addresses.