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  • An estimated 500 babies are born in Santa Barbara County every month.  We know that the first hours, days and months of a baby's life are very special and critically important.  How babies and their families are cared for and nurtured during this time helps shape the rest of their lives.  Welcome Every Baby Family Connects (WEB FC) has seen that health, emotional, and/or breastfeeding issues can cross all boundaries (socio-economic, ethnic, past experiences, age, etc...).  That is why WEB FC is committed to offering a free universal home visit to any family in Santa Barbara County that is not already participating in a home visitation program.

  • Your support helps WEB-FC support babies and their families through:

    • Parenting education and support
    • Parent/infant relationship support
    • Maternal postpartum depression education and support
    • Breastfeeding and infant nutrition education
    • Infant health and developmental assessment
    • Family engagement in pre-literacy activities with infant
    • Health and safety education in the home environment, including exposure tobacco smoke
    • Linking families to community resources
  • The Children and Family Resource Service (CFRS) and Santa Barbara County Education, through the Welcome Every Baby-Family Connects (WEB-FC) program are committed to keeping newborns and families a priority.  Santa Barbara County is one of the few counties in California with a program in place that offers free services to ALL families regardless of their personal situation.  We rely on contributions and donations from private individuals, foundations and public organizations to operate the program.

Ways To Give

  • Make a tax deductible cash contribution:

    • By mail:
      • Make check payable to CFRS/WEB-FC:
        Mail to: CFRS/WEB-FC
                      3970 La Colina Road, Suite 2
                      Santa Barbara, CA 93110

    • Online Donation

    Donate baby products:

    • Call or email to arrange a pick-up or drop off.

    Volunteer your time and expertise:

    • Call or email to discuss opportunities.
  • Please help WEB-FC continue to welcome parents and their new babies into our community.