Escape Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • 1. What are the steps to issue an Escape Security Card to an individual?

    Escape Project Coordinators must login to Escape, navigate to System > Setup > Users and click the Newbutton. On the User tab, complete the following required fields.

    • User Id – the format for this is the district number, followed by the legal last name and first initial of thelegal first name (i.e., 61SMITHJ for John Smith at SBCEO). If an individual has a hyphenated last name,there are only three choices: 1) entire legal last name, 2) first part of the legal last name, or 3) second partof the legal last name followed by the first initial of the legal first name.

    For example, John Smith-Yard could be either: 1) 61SMITHYARDJ, 2) 61SMITHJ or 3) 61YARDJ

    • First Name – legal first name as used in payroll (no nicknames)

    • Last Name – legal last name as used in payroll

    • Email – work email address

    • User Roles – assign user roles and/or adjust activity and component permissions accordingly. Refer to therole matrix located in Online Resources > Escape Guides > Role Matrix.

    Note: The field Require Password Change (next login) needs to remain YES upon initial setup before therequest is submitted to SBAS.

    Escape Project Coordinators must login to the Escape Help Desk at and submitan incident for a new Security Card (For Category choose Security Card and for Subcategory choose NewSecurity Card Request). Please provide the user’s legal first and last name, their email address, and theirEscape user ID.

    Note: To submit a request for multiple users, please attach a spreadsheet to the incident with the following fields: 1) Escape User ID, 2) legal first name, 3) legal last name, and 4) email address.

     2. What do I do if an employee leaves or loses a Security Card?

    • Escape Project Coordinator or designee must immediately disable the user’s Escape account in order toprevent future access to the Escape system. To disable the account, navigate to the user’s record and fromthe User tab, select Yes to disable access.

    • Escape Project Coordinators must login to Help Desk and submit an incident to disable the Security Card (forCategory choose Security Card and for Subcategory choose Deactivate Card).

    Note: If the user’s card was lost, indicate that you need a replacement card and provide the User Id.

    • Contact SBAS to coordinate return of card. We reserve the right to charge districts for any lost Security Cardsor Security Cards that are not returned.

     3. Can I reassign a Security Card?

    No, Security Cards cannot be reassigned because they are configured to match a user’s unique profile in Escape.

    4. What do I do if an employee’s Security Card stops working?

    Please call SBAS directly so immediate arrangements can be made to get the user a replacement card