Welcome Every Baby Family Connects Services during COVID-19

A message from our Director

  • Even in normal times, the first few months of a newborn's life can be both joyous and overwhelming. However, these unprecedented circumstances are affecting everyone, and can be particularly taxing for new parents. As we constantly assess how best to serve your needs and the needs of our community during this public health crisis, we want you to know that Welcome Every Baby Family Connect is continuing to provide postpartum "visits" with nurses/lactation consultants through telehealth visiting. Although not the preferred method of connecting with families, this protocol is an acceptable alternative to provide crucial support for families in our community. 


    WEB-FC’s evidence-based model includes four key areas of assessment and support: maternal-newborn health and lactation, caring for the baby, community safety, and emotional/behavior health. It also provides information, linkages, and referrals to community resources.

    WEB-FC has been providing free postpartum home visits in Santa Barbara County since 2001. We feel very fortunate that we can continue providing support, guidance, information and referrals to resources during these confusing and scary times. ~ MaryEllen Rehse

  • Parents on a WEB-FC Zoom visit