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Students battle over books online!

The ETS Dream Team has once again worked their magic! In a time of cancellations and disappointments, they quickly regrouped and devised a plan to make sure that this much-loved and eagerly anticipated student event went forward. On May 19, with the efforts of Matt Zuchowicz, Scott Spector, Rose Koller, Fred Borchers, and Kristen Walker, 160 students in grades 4-6 from over 40 schools in Santa Barbara County competed in the 19th Annual Battle of the Books – online

Pulling off a complex event was a logistical feat, but the students and their volunteer coaches took advantage of the multiple online practice sessions provided by SBCEO to insure everyone was comfortable in the online format. Thanks also to the coordinators from over 40 school who helped prepare their students for this year’s Virtual Battle of the Books.